Pavilion Raising

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This pavilion raising was actually a repeat job. Some years ago we cut and raised this timber frame pavilion for Caylx Farms, a wedding and event venue in upstate South Carolina. Recently the owners contacted us. A change in their … Continued

Snap Line Square Rule & Plumb Line Scribing

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Laying out where to cut mortise and tenon joints for a timber frame requires precise measurements to achieve a good, tight fit. On freshly milled and planed (S4S) timbers that are nice and square this is a pretty straight forward … Continued


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FAQs: Timber Frame Questions & AnswersWhat can be built with a timber frame?Timber framing is a good choice for almost any type of building. New homes, additions, outbuildings, porches, pergolas, pavilions, barns, roof trusses, stairs, commercial structures and boat houses … Continued

Timber Frame or Post and Beam?

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Timber frames are sometimes categorized as post and beam. Is there a difference? The short answer, especially according to timber framers, is yes. Not that we discount post & beam construction, but we know what it takes to craft a … Continued

Fall 2016 Timber Tidbits

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Cooler weather is always welcome in the shop and on job sites. The leaves are starting to turn colors and apple season is in full swing here in the mountains. The past few months have been full of interesting projects … Continued

American College of the Building Arts

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MoreSun is proud to employ interns and graduates of the timber framing program at the American College of the Building Arts. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, the ACBA is the only four-year liberal arts and sciences college in the US … Continued

Wood is good for your health!

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Do you know about wood benefits? Wood has positive impacts on your health and mental well being, whether you are outside in nature or inside your home or office. From improving your mood to lowering your stress level, wood elicits … Continued

Summer 2016 Timber Tidbits

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We had a busy winter and spring, and have lots of projects going on right now. The shop is full of sawdust and stacks of cut timbers, and along with frames we’re building cabinets and furniture.Take a look at what … Continued

Places We Work

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MoreSun is located in Upstate South Carolina. We cut our timber frames and build custom items in our two workshops. Our timber frame locations are where ever you are!Once your timber frame has been cut and test fitted, we come … Continued

Timber Species

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The most commonly used wood in timber frames are listed below with a description of their characteristics and benefits. The cost of material varies between timber species. Availability, sustainability and suitability, as well as aesthetics, are other factors to consider … Continued